We provide consultancy services to our customers on the determination of the risk class of the buildings, creation of fire scenarios, appropriate system selection and precautions to be taken against fire in international standards.


We design the fire protection systems that are designed to be installed in their structures with our expert engineer staff, with the support of current design software, according to international fire standards.

Material Supply

Deskar Teknik; It is provided by international companies with the highest technology in the field of fire extinguishing and technical materials. In addition, we are able to provide fast spare parts and material supply services thanks to our current stock policy.


Deskar Teknik, supervisor service and commissioning test procedures for the installation of the system equipment we sell by expert engineers and technical team are delivered to the user in working condition.

Periodic maintenance

We provide periodical maintenance services for the fire protection systems installed in the facilities and buildings to work efficiently and in case of disruption for long years.


Main Areas of Application

Deskar Teknik Preferred Companies

The purpose of the establishment of our company "customer satisfaction and respect for people policy" is to keep in the foreground.