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Fire extinguishing systems and technical materials is a company established to serve. It provides the design of fire extinguishing systems and design controls (Hydraulic Calculation), the supply of fire pumps, alarm valves and other equipments used in extinguishing systems, technical services such as pre-sales and after-sales consultancy, periodic maintenance, repair and repair. All services offered are in compliance with NFPA (UL&FM approved), FM GLOBAL and TS EN 12845 standards. Our company has a wide range of technical materials (Booster systems, Valves and Connection equipments etc.) and can meet your needs quickly.

Deskar is your solution partner with high quality and cost effective products by prioritizing customer satisfaction. Our services are provided professionally with our experienced and experienced staff who have spent many years in this sector. We are pleased to serve you in all kinds of works you need us.


First, honest, reliable, innovative and high-quality products in our product groups with our understanding of working with customer satisfaction, without compromising our quality and values, you to provide the best service to organizations.


• Highest technology
• Highest yield
• Highest quality
• Highest service guarantee, features that will fulfill your criteria offers you service.


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The purpose of the establishment of our company "customer satisfaction and respect for people policy" is to keep in the foreground.