Pump System

With Deskar Teknik, you can support your system in all flow and pressure ranges that may be needed and provide a fire pump and the performance you desire.

Control Panels

Deskar Teknik distributes the fire control panels to which it is a distributor and performs the required test procedures and delivers the system to the user in working order. In addition, necessary spare parts are supplied from our stocks.

Sprinkler System and Valve Group

Deskar Teknik is providing fire systems equipment from international companies with the highest technology in its field.

Foam Extinguishing Systems

Foam Extinguishing System Foam extinguishing system provides the most reliable protection for high risk flammable materials such as storage areas, refineries, plastic and paint production areas and extinguishing toxic explosive gases.

Gas and Hood Extinguishing Systems

With the help of Deskar Teknik, you can find the most accurate and economical solutions for sensitive technology, gas extinguishing systems that are needed for the protection of objects and private areas.

Notice and Detection

Notice and detection One of the essential and indispensable elements of a reliable fire protection system is a fast and reliable fire detection system. Early detection of fire prevents damage from growth.

Project Design

We design the fire protection systems designed to be established at Deskar Technical Structures with our expert engineer staff, with the support of current account and design software, according to leading and respected international fire standards.

Technical Maintenance

Deskar Teknik, Functional tests of the installed fire protection systems are performed by applying the commissioning test procedures and the systems are delivered to the user in working condition.


Main Areas of Application

Deskar Teknik Preferred Companies

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